Wasps control in Thanet

Wasps are known to sting even when they are not provoked.

A sting can be extremely painful especially when you have an allergic reaction. Wasp nest removal is therefore required when you notice a level of activity of wasps in and around your property in order to reduce the risk of being stung.

When dealing with wasp nest removal it is vital you do not attempt this yourself. Wasp nest removal can be extremely dangerous, multiple stings can lead to a hospital visit and in rare cases where wasps have stung inside the mouth or other sensitive areas even death.

Coney Pest Control is the leading wasp nest removal service in the country, we provide fully guaranteed wasp nest removal services in your area and provide a same or next day response so we can remove your wasp nest problem quicker than anyone else.

Coney Pest Control is fully trained, insured and certified, we have lots of experience there is seldom a wasp problem we have not seen before. We have access equipment to reach even the hardest to access and highest wasp nests. We provide specialist wasp nest removal for schools and other sensitive areas.

Our wasp nest removal chemicals are all safe and designed specifically to kill wasp nests. Our operatives are trained and come with the correct equipment and personal protective wasp clothing. Call now for a FREE site inspection

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