Rats and vermin control in Thanet

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We have rats in the house, help!



If you have a suspected rat problem there are a few clues that will help us to determine what we are dealing with. The most obvious clue is rodent sightings, however, rats are sometimes confused with mice. Obviously Brown rats are larger than the more common house mouse and are usually pushed into Thanet homes as a result of external influences. These influences can include building works, basements being dug up, renovations and adverse weather conditions. The rise in basement conversions particularly in South-West Thanet has certainly contributed to the rise of rat related activity in Thanet.

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Large droppings, eaten or missing food, scratching in cavity walls and ammonic smells are all indicators that there may be rats in the property.

Rats in Thanet pose a serious health risk to humans which includes Salmonella, Weil’s disease, Escherichia coli (commonly E. coli) and Tuberculosis (abbreviated as TB for tubercle bacillus) and rats in the home must be taken seriously.

Rats are also known carriers of fleas, ticks and lice. Rats are also renowned for causing fires and electrical damage by chewing through cables and wires in cavity structures.

Here is a checklist to tell if you have rats in your property;

  • Loud scratching noises as rats scurry around under floorboardsbehind skirting boards and walls
  • A very sharp distinctive ammonic smell
  • Musty smell similar to blocked drains
  • Large dark droppings usually in clusters 9-15mm long
  • Missing food from work surfaces and food larders
  • Ripped food packaging/chewed plastics
  • Nests and nesting material wood shavings/cardboard/plastic bags, etc.
  • External burrows and decking make for ideal harbourage

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We have had rats for years! How can you succeed where so many have failed?

At Environ Pest Control we treat every problem seriously and will endeavour to treat the rat infestation with the utmost urgency and hope to resolve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our treatments include both historic pest control techniques with the latest strategies to gain control and these include Terrier work, CCTV inspections, Ultra violet tracking dust, trapping and proofing against external influences.

We do not as a rule use rodenticides or poisons internally as this can pose more problems than intended with regards to decomposing bodies and smells.

Our treatments are individually tailored to the needs of the client and there requirements so feel free to phone one of our BPCA qualified technicians for further advice.