Cockroach control in Thanet



I have cockroaches in my property! What do I do?

Having cockroaches in the home or business must be taken seriously as they are known carriers of disease, if left untreated the occasional sighting can turn into a full-blown infestation. It is hard to quantify the number of cockroaches in your property as they are nocturnal and infestation can get out of hand without you being aware of it. German and Oriental cockroaches remain hidden in the daytime under the kitchen units and washing machines as well as the cavity walls and cracks and crevices. Part of the Environ process is a monitoring strategy to help us identify the extent of infestation particularly in large establishments like restaurants, hotels and offices.



At present there are 4 known pest species in Thanet, UK and they include the Oriental, American, German and Banded Cockroach. The 2 most common species we deal with in Thanet are the German and Oriental Cockroach.

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German Cockroach

(Blattella germanica)
# 12-16mm long
# wings slightly longer than body
# fast runner/climber
# light/dark brown in colour

The German cockroach is one of the smaller species of cockroach but also one of the most invasive of pests within Thanet.
Normally a tan brown coloration they can also appear almost black with 2 black streaks along the wings.The German cockroach is associated with human settlements for two main reasons;firstly the availability of food source and the warmer conditions human habitation provides.The german cockroach has no tolerance of colder climates.Most notably found around restaurants and residential properties they are also found in food processing facilities,nursing homes,warehouses,cafes,hotels and shops.German cockroaches are known for there nocturnal behaviour so identifying the extent of infestation can only be carried out after a monitoring strategy which helps with not only the extent of infestation but also the potential source.Seeing cockroaches in the daylight indicates that there is either a heavy infestation or that they have been disturbed.
The treatment of German cockroaches in the UK includes a full site inspection,residual application ,monitoring strategy and hormonal gel treatments which will give a guaranteed control of infestation in a city environment.

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Oriental Cockroach

(Blatta orientalis)
#Black in colour
#wings roughly 1/3 of body
#Fast runner
# visible egg cases

The Oriental cockroach is also know as the water bug and is one of the larger species of cockroach found in the UK.The coloration is generally pitch black but can also be dark brown in some circumstances.The oriental cockroach is capable of short bursts of flight with wings noticeable particularly in the male of the species. The oriental is slower than its German counterpart and prefers moist,damp and dark locations in and around human habitation.Due to the nocturnal nature of the oriental cockroach they are naturally evasive with infestation easily getting out of hand without being noticed.A good identifier for Oriental infestation is to look for the egg cases of the cockroach,also known as the oothecae.Each case can carry up to sixteen individual eggs so treatment is imperative before infestation spreads to other parts of the premises and into neighbouring properties in Thanet. A thorough inspection,monitoring strategy and a structured series of residual applications.