Ant and Ants control in Thanet

There are now many species of ant in London so which one do you have?


The Garden Ant

  • 5 mm long
  • Queens:15 mm long
  • Dark brown/black in colouration
  • Primarily found in and around gardens

The Black or Garden ant are a domestic pest with the season starting as early as March and can often be found in around the kitchen area which would correlate with the garden and on occasion can also be found on upper floors. Ant’s nests are located in the cracks and fissure of the home so professional control of the nesting site both internally and externally is essential. The garden ant is also the most common ant species in Thanet and we regard the garden ant as a nuisance particularly on their annual mating ritual which happens on the same day across the country. The ritual helps ants establish new colonies and control at this time is strongly recommended. Garden ants do not bite or carry disease but they can travel through dirty places and therefore contaminate the food source that they are attracted to. Pet food, fruits and exposed sugar will attract ants into the home and a route to the food source will be established with a pheromone trail. Homes in Thanet are often well insulated so are an attractive nesting site for garden ants.

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Tropical ants “The exotics” in Thanet

Pharaoh’s ants in Thanet

  • 2-3 mm long
  • Yellow/yellow-brown with brown abdomen/black eyes
  • Queens: slightly red in colouration/winged number in the tens and hundreds of thousands treatment must be carried our efficiently.

Environ offers a FREE inspection of any premises in Thanet that are suffering from Pharaohs ants as we need to establish the source and extent of infestation prior to any proposed pest treatment programme. Pre-emptive treatment (spraying individual apartments/flats for example) can cause the ant colonies to split causing further satellite nests.

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Ghost ants in Thanet

The ghost ant is very similar in size to the Pharaoh’s ant and are also attracted to heated buildings, if you have a suspected tropical ant issue we are happy to photo ID your pest so that we can identify the ant species and provide a proposal for control. The Ghost ant is attracted to moisture so areas of activity in around bathrooms and basements may be a good indicator that you have a ghost ant problem. We offer FREE site surveys on suspected ghost ant infestations so that we can provide you with a proposal and quotation. Like the Pharaoh’s ants there is no established season with tropical ants as warm buildings create an artificial environment.

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The Argentine ant in Thanet

The Argentine ant is known amongst pest controllers as the aggressive ant, part of a super colony that extends throughout Europe, American and japan they will not fight each other which exacerbates there population growth. Treatment for this tropical ant’s species require the use of a growth regulator, a professional use insecticide. The warm conditions provide by insulated buildings in Thanet has allowed the Argentine ant to thrive and we have noticed an increase of 10% a year. Please send us a picture of the ant if possible to help you with identification and can provide you with a proposal and quotation. A similar size to Pharaoh’s ants (2-3mm) they are a reddish brown colour.