Beetles control in Thanet

There are thousands of beetle species in the UK but only a few of these species are regarded as a pest in Thanet.

Carpet beetles in Thanet
The most common of the beetle pests affecting Thanet residents is the carpet beetle also known as the woolly bear in its larvae stage. The varied carpet beetle is usually 3mm long with white/brown and yellowish patterns like scaled on the body. The varied carpet beetle is regarded as a serious household pest and causes damage to carpets, rugs, furniture and clothing and causes bigger issues to museum collections. The carpet beetle has a relatively long life stage of between 1-3 years so that the damage they can cause during this time is significant. If you have a suspected carpet beetle infestation we would be happy to provide a free site inspection of the premises so that we can provide you with an accurate proposal and quotation dependent on the source and extent of infestation. Carpet beetle are innocuous by nature and are often found during the moving of furniture. If you have a specimen and not sure if it is carpet beetle please send us a photo and we will identify it for you. Treatment for Carpet beetle usually require a targeted residual application of carpeted areas alongside dry powder application of affected furniture.

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The biscuit beetle

Stored product pests include the biscuit beetle, Flour beetle, Grain beetle and Larder beetle and are usually brought into the kitchen through packaged food products and grains. They can penetrate into plastic bags and cardboard and may go unnoticed until it’s too late. The biscuit beetle can survive for up to 8 days without a food source and has no clearly defined season so this is another factor for the spread of this species. If a Biscuit beetle infestation is identified in the kitchen it is recommended that all infested food stuffs are thrown away prior to professional treatment. As part of our beetle control we will remove all food items from the cupboards so that we can inspect and residually treat the cupboards. If you have a beetle species and are not sure what you need to do please send us a photo and we will provide you with advice and a recommendation for control.

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